Dear Partners,

My name is Neil Hiebert - by a way of introduction - and I have been involved in a new area of human right issues; the use microchip implants in people and the hidden agenda. My first job was to sit down with elected and administrative officials to get the information and with follow-up meetings and correspondence discussed ideas to solve the problems affecting the community.I have held consultations with members in business and academia as I have continually been advised these matters must be followed in the Canadian government. While you are very busy and I can appreciate you, take just a moment to examine the content of my findings and compare with other websites. There are numerous short videos and News clips in recent years; as if they try to make my job easier - thanks.

Work History:
Provincial Government; Department of Justice & Government Services
Corrections Service Canada (Salvation Army)
University of Winnipeg Custodian

Services Offered:
- Presentations for small groups
- Provide for and inform governing solutions
- Attend to agencies and small business
- Effect life-saving policies

My work is vital. Some people have offered payment but I will continue to refuse recompense or reward.

Personal Interests:
Community and outreach participation
Qualitative academic work, literature, books
News, business, politics

Department of Justice, Corporate & Consumer Affairs All-Charities
Haro Park 'Senior' Centre Volunteer Recognition
Billy Graham TV Telephone Ministry Commendation

With the advice I received from business relations and others I proceeded with uneasy consultation meetings with foreign Corporate personnel conducting business in Winnipeg. Be certain this includes people in the oil and gas Industry that has been public debate the last couple of years. Taking those same discussions next to their respective Consular and diplomatic offices, I have offered consistent avenues of recourse - administrative or otherwise - to save the people. This is also what has been recommended to me as absolutely necessary.

It was also brought to my attention that the Courts should be notified and I proceeded to launch a suit against the U.S. State Department and their secret activities against Canadians. The Corporations that were named in the lawsuit have indeed proven unfit for State funding and contract awards. Again, these issues prevail in the U.S. Embassy while I pursue throughCorrespondencewith the Supreme Court on a number of international legal fronts.

You will understand the concern. In no way does this mean anti-business or even anti-profit. There is no government 'bashing' either. This comes through tireless effort to gain what is right for the people. All leadership is overlooking the fundamental questions of responsibilities to the masses. We must be made aware what foreign executives are negotiating with Canadian officials. These insights and solutions are now getting circulated to a broader business and legislative bodies.

Thank you for sharing a few minutes. I trust we can all also rely on you and the contributions you will make to substantiate the benefits to the people in a meaningful way.

- Keeping a close check on the food production and pricing
- The inflationary tactics of financial markets are scrutinized and tested
- Maintain observations of vital court proceedings
- Continue to work closely on legislative processes
- Inform and update my partners of successes and gains

If you have any difficulty trying to understand the uses of biological
microchip implants the way I have described it for you on this website
perhaps you can take another minute or two and do a word search.
There are numerous sources and people I have discussed the topic
with - locally and abroad.

Neil Hiebert Consultant
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